New Piece of the Pine Puzzle

So. Pine is my plant ally for this Magic & Medicine Course. I have this wonderful assignment to learn about the pine tree in all its lore, its uses, its medicines, and uses, etc. Pine is quite useful for many things of course–turpentine, pine tar resin in shampoos and soaps, the needles as sources of vitamin C. Pine bark is edible, though you have to get a lot of it and boil it down. There’s a lot to be said for my friend Pinus.

Well: Then there’s this story:

My FAVORITE film is Thomas Bezucha’s “Big Eden” (q.v.). This same story serves as a pivotal point in the story. It connects two of the characters in a beautiful and cosmic way.

My former partner and I always joked that we were from the Pleiades–or rather he was Pleiadian and I was Arcturian. (Actually, according to some star-seed searchers, it’s common for one to think they’re the other, for there are mysterious connections between these stars.) He even drives a Subaru, which is an imperfect representation of the Pleiades in its logo.

I have been guided to a home-star as well as a plant ally. Star of Wonder, Star of Might! Star with Royal Beauty Bright!

Es mi–quien es la flor sobre mi cabeza? y cual es el trabajo de esto Dio?
Me conoceria en todas mis partes…

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