Journeys with Pine

The work takes us into the realm of spirit, which is a place of comfort to me.  The pine has a lot of wisdom to offer, I see.  In researching the tree, I have discovered it has connections to Mithras, Dionysus, Tammuz and the Pleiades.  I have long resonated with the 7-star cluster, and find it delightful that I am a part of a tradition that recognizes a septad of divine energies.  Further, one of these, Dian-y-Glas, I had a vision of when I was 11 years old.  I’ve looked at that vision as the moment I “got my owl,” as it were.

The assignment about journeying with my plant ally and seeing if any animals showed up spontaneously brought up the image of the trees on the night of a full moon.  Winds whipping through the branches, but the luminous orb is lighting the landscape, and I see bats.  Lots of bats.

The first journey introduced me to a specific bat which flew into a cave and perched upside down as they do, and started to go to sleep and dream.  I saw the dream form a literal thought bubble dropping out of the bat’s skull.  Inside the bubble was a bald eagle who challenged me as to whether I wanted him to be my ally.  Of course I said yes, but he said I would have to work with the bat first.

I went on a second journey today, and discovered the shamanic aspect of the bat.  The bat appeared in the branches of the pine, and then first shape-shifted into a (laugh if you must), “bat man!”  I held the bat man with his awkward-to-me wings for a bit of time near a fire that had been lit previous to my journey.  Eventually we shapeshifted into bats and I found myself amongst a whole swarm.  I sensed the bat blindness but also the exquisite understanding of where my bat buddy was through echolocation and scent.  I was able to follow his path and cut across the other bats’ paths to reconnect with him as we went off on a more solitary journey.

The destination seemed to be a wasteland of some sort.  It reminded me of a desert at night, and the ultimate landing spot was basically to introduce me in the guise of this shapeshifted bat self to my vampire self.  It wasn’t long after I was in my vampire aspect’s presence that I was sacrificed to this aspect of Richard.  The vampire part of me however, is ready to give up the ghost and move on, and in inhaling the blood of me-as-bat, he ingested a poison that basically worked as a daisy-cutter of cells.  Eventually, the vampire Richard was left as a pile of goo in the middle of a vast wasteland.

Then the fungal aspect of my name (Morell) came to the fore to convert this apparently deadly material into something sustaining and nourishing to the landscape.

All the while a second aspect of myself had bilocated to Crandall Park and was waiting inside the information station or whatever that building is near the baseball park.

As I was meditating on the pine initially, I need to add, I started to contemplate the deities and felt the presence of Dian-y-Glas nearby.  I also started to feel the other divine twin, the Red one, Serpent in the Earth and before I knew it, the Peacock Angel Melek Taus stepped forward with a loud POP! that made me laugh.  Melek Taus likes to enter with an impact and with a sense of his power, and if I’m amused I’m amused.  Just so long as I understand his power.  And I sensed immediately the link between the peacock feathers and the feathery needles of the pine.  In fact, peering up at the stars and the moon through pine leaves reminds me of the eyes of the peacock’s feathers nestled in amongst the latticework.

So while I do not sense the peacock is necessarily an ally, there is a peacock aspect to the pine I would do well to acknowledge, and the deity of Melek Taus as a power unto himself, as a portent of self-containment gives me lots of hope.

The Pleiades also stream down their energies to me and I sense their delicious dance of home.

Yesterday at the U-U, there were a number of mushroom elements that sprouted up (ha-ha-ha).  Someone remarked about my last name at our last-minute choir rehearsal and I mused that with my first name of Richard, that meant I was the Mushroom King.  Rev. Trumbore read 3 of my “Doom Sonnets,” just published on Tuesday November 9, 2010, to preface his sermon, and I was very happy to be so generously quoted.    Afterwards, people inquired about my book of poems, and I was greatly heartened, but I had an amazingly wide-ranging conversation with a young gent who was studying mycoremediation as one avenue of exploration in these transition times.  The mushroom made itself known again!

So, to recap.  The pine has led me to the Pleiades, Melek Taus, the bat and the eagle, and of course my surname ally of the humble yet powerful morel mushroom.  Lots to go on right there, yessiree bob!

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