Posting Under the Influence: Chamomile

First off, I notice her familiar sweet taste, but in chewing the flower, I also taste a metallic subtaste.  Today I feel warming, but I wonder if this will be true in other times of year?  I feel chamomile also to be a relaxant, drying herb. 

I always think of flowers and spring with this delicious one.  She puts me in mind particularly of the Taurus zodiac month.  I feel a sunny energy course through the veins.  A little like black walnut, I feel C. is dispersive, that she brings an airy quality to my thinking process.

Body parts I notice:  Attention is drawn to the upper chest, the internal area above the lungs but not quite to the shoulder bones.  The upper lungs may be so included, but it’s the entire region.  In keeping with the Taurus thematic, I’ll include the throat as well.  (Taurus rules the vocal chords and the voice.)

I have the sense that chamomile in terms of magickal practice could offer a potent assist in creating spellwork to draw funds to me based upon what I desire to do in the world.  Perhaps bathing a candle in essential oil or a teac, or burning the dried flowers in a cauldron while lighting either a gold or green candle to attract wealth.

Taurus also is a fertile sign, so I have a strong feeling that this de-lovely could also assist in procreation or libido issues in general.  I know that it’s got a reputation of being a calming herb, and I feel that the energy it kindles is of a quieter vintage than say ginger or cloves.  It puts me in mind of the Empress card from the tarot, which represents Venus (Taurus’s ruler).  Perhaps it’s more a focuser of energy or a grounding of it rather than calming in the strictest sense?

(Odd to feel dispersant energy while pondering whether it is a focuser of energy at the same time.)

 According to Scott Cunningha, chamomile is connected to the Sun and is also utilized to remove curses and to protect property.  (I also see confirmation as to the money/sexual aspects as well.  Gamblers evidently like to wash their hands in the herbal tea to increase their winnings.)

I shall have to try to burn it next.  Evidently, even though it is connected to the Sun, it is also tied to the element of water.  Both the Roman and the German chamomile are considered Masculine in Cunningham’s cosmology.  I actually did wish to call the herb “he” so perhaps I second-guessed myself there.  Interesting about that.

As I sit here with fingers poised for information, I become aware of the root chakra.  That it has dilated and is eager to receive terrestrial energy.  So it causes both an awareness of the uppermost torso and the perineal area in a circular movement as well as a slow back-and-forth undulation.

 Also aware of my sinuses, perhaps not in a good way.  Shall have to observe that more.

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