Working with Pines, Appropriately Enough

Over the weekend, I worked at the Nature Preserve, to help them with their big money-making enterprise for the year–workshops in balsam wreath construction.  This requires some materials, most notably pussy willow stems and evergreen tips.  The pussy willow stems form the foundation circle and the evergreen tips come together in the stems.  (I’ll be learnign about this myself, to teach a class in Clinton, New York next week.)

I was not in the best of moods yesterday.  I had my reasons, and I can’t say they were all about my ego.  The Easer Outter of God inspiration did rule my roost in my dang head yesterday, however.  Sometimes when King Baby runs my show, all that happens is “I wish I was dead.”  These things together with the considerations of the thinned veils all around us combined with some other personal craziness in my life made me a bit insane.

It was as a relief that I spent 4 hours snipping the edges of evergreens–pines mostly, but cedars as well I think, and perhaps fir.  (Definitely no spruces.)  Pine is a happy tree to be around, and the scent of it gave me a lot of uplift.  It was still a deep place of ick, but I feel a lot better today.  Thank you pine!


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